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Eau de parfum - For Women
(4.9) - 48 reviews
100ml Spray
AED 168.00
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A passionate & open fragrance - Libido presents the lovely fragrance of iris, surrounded by notes of orange blossom & vanilla.

Fragrance Accords
Fruity, Patchouli, Powdery, Sweet, Vanilla
Top Notes
Black Currant, Pear
Middle Notes
Jasmine, Orange Blossom, iris
Base Notes
Patchouli, Praline, Tonka Bean, vanilla
It feels calm but in a gentle way. The vanilla relaxes ur day
Rose N on May 4, 2024
العطور رووعه و ثابته 😍
Meera S on Nov 5, 2023
Stays always last
Danilo N on Jul 16, 2023
What an unforgettable sweet fragrance to reckon with. Libido will forever leave you on high refreshing breath. This is a must have I must say. The fragrance and scent from it is glory
Gift J on Jul 13, 2023
Gentle and good scent
Julie M on Jun 22, 2023
I love libido very nice smell
Nerissa D on Mar 9, 2023
# perfume for women
Noemi G on Feb 13, 2023
One of my favorite
Marivic L on Jan 18, 2023
The scent is flourishing in me the WHOLE DAY! Loved it!
Frances V on Dec 3, 2022
Love the scent , very long lasting 🥰
Meriza V on Oct 28, 2022
My doctor like the scent
Aleja D on Sep 26, 2022
My wife loved the flavour,she always thank me fot that
Farouk M on Jul 28, 2022
Long lasting i love to use libido it's my fav perfume.I highly recommend.
Geraldine D on Jun 27, 2022
I'm addicted to this perfume😍
Julie A on Jun 27, 2022
I have been using this and I must say the fragrance is so good and it lasts for more than 12 hours.
Rubani A on Jun 22, 2022
It's really fab and superb!
Myra on Jun 21, 2022
Its the scent you will not forget, its my all time favorite scent😘😘😘😘😘
Estrella C on May 26, 2022
Best perfumes of all times
Bishnu P on May 7, 2022
This is now one of my favorite Mimaya SC perfumes! It is lite and fresh with fruity-floral notes. Its perfect for daytime. I primarily wfh but still want to feel (and smell!) put-together each day, but dont want to overwhelm anyone at preschool drop-off. This is the perfect everyday fragrance. Cannot recommend enough!! Jennifer
Vinith D on May 5, 2022
Very classy scent! It lasts for a long time.
Edita R on Apr 20, 2022
Very nice 👌 sweet
Siti H on Apr 12, 2022
It’s very nice perfume
Nde E on Apr 4, 2022
I really loved the smell
Leonora G on Mar 2, 2022
This is amazing
Prakash T on Jan 22, 2022
excellent perfume long lasting
Leah C on Dec 27, 2021
It's smells so delightful
Shamira N on Nov 6, 2021
One of my favorite scent👍👍👍👍👍👍
Averill B on Oct 16, 2021
Nitin K on Sep 6, 2021
"Libido is a feminine scent that will leave a remarkable fragrance that will definitely make bypassers stop and inhale the scent remnant."
Elby M on Sep 4, 2021
i love this scent
Myrian S on Aug 20, 2021
Become my favorite. Even my hubby loved the smell of the frangance . You can feel the calmness from faraway .
Goma C on Aug 15, 2021
Its just sweet, i do hug my wife daily when applied.
Deus T on May 31, 2021
Amazing perfume it long last..
Merlyn A on May 19, 2021
it was very good smell and long lasting
Jocelyn O on Apr 26, 2021
Lucy M on Apr 2, 2021
Like the name suggests, it really lights up my mood. My go to scent!
Elizabeth K on Jan 29, 2021
Neil A on Nov 30, 2020
lovely fragrance for women. gifted it to a friend and she loves it! I highly recommend.
Lyndon P on Oct 18, 2020
1 of my favorite scent for ladies ❤️
Rosemarie M on Sep 29, 2020
Very mild
Jaisha M on Aug 7, 2020
Lovely scent ❤️
Marla M on Jul 5, 2020
You can't differentiate from the original perfume. Highly recommended!!! Sorry but I can't give 10 ♥!!!
Uolantine M on Jun 2, 2020
Sweet scent that I loved most 😊
Sunshine J on May 28, 2020
I like too much the libido perfume! Mild only !
Beverly G on May 5, 2020
A perfume that will make a perfect memories! Luxury scent and long lasting fragrance! One of the best scent for women ❤️#libido
Mabelyn A on Mar 12, 2020
Libido is one of my top favorite perfume in Scent Connection, this perfume uplift my mood because of the strong and powdery scents. Highly recommended! long lasting up to 24 hrs😊
Quinzy T on Feb 22, 2020
A sweet fragrance that last long 😘
Lovely J on Feb 20, 2020
Anirban R on Feb 19, 2020

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