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The Standard Package

AED 367.50 *
1. The Deluxe Sample Kit
2. 2 Free 100ml Perfumes
3. Free 30ml Perfume Oil
4. Lifetime Access to Member Discounts
5. Lifetime Access to Rewards Program
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The VIP Package

AED 1,680.00 *
1. The Deluxe Sample Kit
2. Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
3. AED 750.00 in store credit
4. Lifetime Access to Member Discounts
5. Lifetime Access to VIP Rewards Program
VIP Package
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Feedback from our customers

I couldn't believe how much free perfume I got just by registering! Got my money's worth immediately!
— Neil J. Angeles
I really so so love it.. wearing perfect perfume makes me feel beautiful and confident (◕ᴗ◕✿). Two thumbs up!
— Nikki Bautista
I am using this perfume and every time my colleagues smell this and the customers as well they are always asking which brand of perfume i am using
— Maridel Dapula
One of the best perfume, try the IMPULSE for women.. Highly recommended..
— Maria Arcena

5 Reasons to Sign Up

Branded Perfumes

1. Pay for the scent, not the brand

Luxury perfumes cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dirhams in shops. Did you know that you can get the same lovely aroma for a fraction of the price?
Try our huge range of perfumes, inspired by some of the most famous fragrances of all time.
Wide Variety of Scents

2. Explore the world of perfume

With dozens of fragrances in our collection, and more being added all the time, you can indulge yourself and wear a different perfume every day of the month!
As a member, you get free testers for every scent in our collection!
Long Lasting Scents

3. Enjoy Long Lasting Scents

All our fragrances are carefully engineered by our expert perfumers to provide a strong, long lasting aroma. We bottle all our perfumes at 20% oil concentration or higher to ensure that you smell amazing all day!
Free Refills

4. Get Free Refills

All members get a deluxe sample kit with 50+ testers, covering all the fragrances in our collection. As a member, you can get your tester refilled for free by simply visiting our shop with the empty tester bottle!
Incredible Rewards

5. Earn Amazing Rewards

Sign up and enjoy cashback & other rewards with no limits, and take advantage of multiple ways to earn.
Our top-tier online rewards program, combined with a powerful e-commerce platform, means you can even earn in the comfort of your own home!
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Feedback from our customers

💯percent French oil base perfume that you will love all the scent. Perfect for gifts. Awesome 😊🤗
— Lovely Jacobe
The product are genuine that makes the customer satisfied feel awesome specially the smell that long last...we love it..
— Jodelo Tagab
Amazing and long lasting perfume.
— Leren J. Amparo
I highly recommend the "Scent Connection" perfume for everyone because of its authenticity and extraordinary scent.
— Zodais Usman
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