Choose the right perfume for you

Your perfume should reflect your personality.
Your perfume should reflect your personality.

Choosing a perfume is not always a simple task. Our instinct is critical, but you also need to find the right fragrance for your skin. That is just one of the many secrets you have to consider to get that Wow factor. Let's see how to choose the right perfume for you!

How to choose a perfume? This issue can immediately prompt similar questions:

The fragrance we are going to wear in public places must embody our character, but it must also fit well within our persona. When dealing with perfumes, we are also dealing with the pH of our skin. A perfume that's suitable for someone else might not work for us, just because of differences in our natural aroma & skin pH.

The right fragrance can completely transform your persona.

Our sense of smell is most strongly linked to memory
Our sense of smell is most strongly linked to memory

Some smells act as therapeutic essences. Perfume can alter your mood in a good way to help you relax and enjoy a cozy evening or a movie night. When trying out a new fragrance, it is helpful to imagine what places they remind you of.

A lot of people link a fragrance to a specific memory. In doing so, they have a flashback that suggests to them the most appropriate time of day or night to wear that particular perfume.

Top notes are the aromas we pick up when we first spray a perfume. They only last for a few minutes. Our nose needs time to savor the base notes, the persistent ones that remain at the end.

Feeling comfortable with the fragrance you wear is extremely important. Before making a final decision, make sure you wear it on the skin, even for a few days. Perfume houses skillfully play with amazing and enticing top notes to lure more customers. To fully understand if that perfume is for us or not, we need to experiment with it for a while.

What to think about when choosing your signature scent

Look for the 'Wow!' factor when searching for perfume
Look for the 'Wow!' factor when choosing a perfume

Your personality and style are of course the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a fragrance. Are you sporty & energetic, or more relaxed & laid back? Do you think of yourself as warm & passionate, or cool and calm? Your perfume will leave a lasting impression on anyone who meets you, and it's important that you choose fragrances that complement your style.

The weather plays an important role, as temperature & humidity affect the silage & lasting of aromatic oils. Fresh & light scents such as Cloud 9 work great during the summer, whereas during the winter, you might prefer stronger & warmer fragrances such as Oud La La.

Olfactory families are a good place to start to sort out the most suitable scent for you. As your journey will take you to isolate that particular note that you like, you will begin to open yourself to more smells. The Scent Connection Store has over 50 scents, so you can really explore and find your signature scent!

Some of our fragrances such as Nomad skillfully mix different smells from various olfactory families to create more complex and crowd-pleasing blends. If you don't know what fragrance or family is for you, you can start with these and develop your taste for different notes.

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